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Necessity is the mother of invention. I agree completely. We have a son with special needs, and as many of you know there are many challenges for him, for us parents and to the entire family. We have solved just one of the these challenges. I will tell you this though, our lives are so much more enriched by my son’s presence and how he views the world. I am envious. He doesn’t know hatred or prejudice.

His life is simple and he lives it to the fullest each day! That my friends is a very simple gift from God.

Anyhow, back to the Urifunnel, its very simple. We eat and drink every day and simple logic is what goes in must come out. We will focus on the simple act of urination. It belongs in the toilet, period. Not on the walls or floors. The ammonia smell is noxious and difficult to tolerate over time. Thus we developed a device that converts any toilet into a urinal. All the urine is channeled into the toilet and it flushes away. Everyone wins, my son for his independence for going by himself, my wife and I who don’t have clean up multiple times a day and for other family members who wish to use the bathroom as well.

We have found that there are many others with intellectual and physical disabilities and also the elderly who can benefit as well with this product. Please help us spread the word about this product. We can help.

Have a wonderful beautiful day!


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