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About Us

The Urifunnel  was designed for any age male with or without a physical or mental disability. It uses are many, such as for potty training, or maybe for special needs individuals, or by the elderly. It can be an invaluable aid for those recuperating from many major surgeries such as Hip/Knee replacement or back surgery.

Urifunnel was created by a family with a special needs son. Among the many issues they struggled with for years were those involving toileting. The first Urifunnel was an idea by grandma. (thanks, grandma!). This prototype served its purpose in the beginning and made life simpler for the whole family, but it was awkward and did not fit well in the toilet, so the Urifunnel was born!


How do I clean and store the Urifunnel?
The Urifunnel is easy to clean, remove and store. After flushing and spraying the Urifunnel with any gentle cleaning solution, simply set it in the tub or shower stall nearby, or purchase a convenient, sturdy stand for upright storage (available here).

Who can use the Urifunnel?
Anyone who urinates from a standing position and can stand without assistance. For those who are not stable standing it is designed to fit inside a walker. Though it is very sturdy, the Urifunnel is not intended for use as a balance aid.

Gold Award Winner for
“Provider’s Choice Award” for
Best Innovative New Product-MedTrade

How do you use the Urifunnel?
It is designed to be as simple as possible to operate. No need to aim but a bullseye is provided for a target. It can be used hands-free and is designed for an individual to  almost stand inside the Urifunnel to catch as much urine as possible.

Which Urifunnel Should I Buy?
The 24″ Urifunnel Junior is best for boys around 4′ tall and under. The 28″ Urifunnel Standard is a good choice for men and older boys. The Bedside Commode Urifunnel is designed for use with portable bedside commodes and the Extender is designed to be used for toilet seat extensions. A Disposable Urifunnel has been developed that is the same size as the Standard Urifunnel and is disposable and recyclable after use.

Will it work in my small/large/round/oblong/tall toilet?
The makers of the Urifunnel have become a little obsessed with checking out toilets wherever they go and are happy to report that they have yet to find one that was not compatible with the Urifunnel.

How Durable is the Urifunnel?
With gentle regular use & care, the Urifunnel can last for months. The Disposable Urifunnel can be discarded and recycled after 1 week.

Do you offer a guarantee?
Urifunnel offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with Urifunnel for any reason, please contact us. We will refund the purchase price (minus shipping) when you return the item

How to Assemble the Urifunnel